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UltiPro Training

UltiPro for Citizen Schools launched on July 1st! All current staff can log in using Okta.

Click the play button below to listen to a welcome message from Adam Maurer, Chief HR & Talent Acquisition Officer!

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With the transition to UltiPro also comes the transition to bi-weekly payroll instead of semi-monthly payroll. Pay periods last two weeks, and you'll be paid on the Friday after the previous period ends. Your salary isn't changing, but your paychecks are: moving to bi-weekly payroll means your checks will be slightly less, but only because you'll receive more of them (26 instead of 24). Click here to download a full overview of the payroll transition, and/or use this simple calculator to determine your new estimated paycheck.

More details on UltiPro in general and payroll specifically can be found on this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

 Training Requirements

All Citizen Schools staff must complete a set of training in order to prepare for the UltiPro launch on July 1st. Everybody should watch the seven videos below under the Required for Everyone section. If you manage staff and approve their time, you should also watch the videos listed under Required for Supervisors.

Required for Everyone

Required for Supervisors

Optional Videos

  1. Navigation Overview (8 mins)
  2. Personal Section Overview (6 mins)
  3. Benefits Section Overview (4 mins)
  4. Pay Section Overview (7.5 mins)
  5. Jobs Section Overview (4.5 mins)
  6. Entering Time (12 mins)
  7. Requesting Time Off (5.5 mins)
  1. Responding to Time Off Requests (4 mins)
  2. Delegating Supervisor Approvals (6 mins)
  1. Viewing Your W-2 (3.5 mins)
  2. Adding a Direct Deposit Account (3 mins)
  3. Enrolling in a Life Event (10.5 mins)

Optional Resources

 Key Dates