Why are we switching to UltiPro?

UltiPro is an industry-leading "Human Resources Information System" (HRIS) and will give us unprecedented ability to manage all our HR, benefits, and payroll needs. Instead of a variety of different platforms, many of which weren't user-friendly, Citizen Schools now has a single platform to fill out timesheets, change employee information, and view key forms such as W-2s. One of our organization's FY15-17 priorities is to improve operational excellence, and UltiPro allows us to do just that. We will be much better positioned to scale effectively and deliver better service to all employees.

For more, check out the full announcement on the Red Thead from Jill Smerkers, Director of HR.

What's expected of me during the move to UltiPro?

You should plan on three main things during June and early July.

  1. Watch all the required videos on the UltiPro training page, consult any resources you'd like, and otherwise get ready for the UltiPro launch on July 1st. Training is due June 30th, including the other new module on PMP.
  2. During the week of July 1st, log into UltiPro using Okta and double-check that all your information is correct and that you feel comfortable navigating the system.
  3. Timesheets for the first pay period are due Wednesday, July 9th. Please ensure you have entered your time so that you can be paid promptly and efficiently on July 16th.

When & how can I access UltiPro?

You can log into UltiPro on July 1, 2014, which is the start of our fiscal year (FY15). You can access UltiPro using Okta: simply click the login button, verify your identity, and then confirm your account via the e-mail sent to you. From then on, you will have "single sign-on" access via Okta.

What kind of computer or browser does UltiPro require?

UltiPro is compatible with a wide range of modern browsers, including Google Chrome, which is Citizen Schools' recommended browser. You will also not need to download any extra software or plug-ins in order for UltiPro to work. Click here for the full overview of system requirements, including details on which browsers work best.

What's happening to eTime, iPay, HRB, and Cornerstone?

All four of these systems will no longer be in use. The last day to access eTime, iPay, and HRB is June 30th, 2014. Cornerstone will be around longer, including all through our FY14 review cycle. Performance in UltiPro will launch in Q2 of FY15, and Cornerstone will be fully replaced at that time. Note that Concur is not being replaced as part of these initiatives.

When do I need to fill out my timesheet?

You should complete your timesheet every other Friday—you're always paid one Friday, and filling out your timesheet the next Friday.

Note: for July only, timesheets are due on Wednesdays and we'll be paid on Wednesdays (16th and 30th). This is a temporary, July-only process in order to ease the transition to bi-weekly payroll. From August 2014 onward, Friday is when time should be entered and when paychecks are deposited (snail mail checks may take slightly longer to arrive).

What happens if I don't complete my timesheet?

In the short term, this means you won't be paid accurately and/or on-time. For salaried staff, this will also mean your time off won't accrue correctly. In the long term, inaccurate timesheets has implications for compliance, and it greatly benefits Citizen Schools to have all staff filling out their own timesheets correctly and on-time, every other Friday. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Why doesn't my timesheet open when I click on "Time Management"?

The most likely problem is your web browser's pop-up blocker. UltiPro's Time Management module opens a new window, so you'll either need to disable your blocker or create an exception just for UltiPro. In Chrome, our recommended browser, a blocked pop-up appears as an icon in the top-right corner of your address bar. Click the icon and select the setting to allow UltiPro to always allow pop-ups going forward. File a case in Salesforce if you'd like the Technology team to assist with this.

How do I edit/delete hours on a row of my timesheet?

You cannot delete or edit pre-populated rows on your timesheet. Instead, click the + button on the far-right side to add a new row. Once you click Save, the timesheet re-calculates and adjusts the initial row based on the newly added row.

Example: if you are a salaried employee, but only work part-time, a full 40-hour work week is automatically filled in on your timesheet. To change this, add a new row, code it to "Not Worked Hours", and add the hours you didn't work. After clicking Save, the timesheet will deduct hours in order to sum up the correct total hours you did work that week.

Are we using UltiPro's time off features?

Yes! With UltiPro you no longer have to keep track of vacation or time off using Google Calendar, e-mail, or post-it notes. Staff should use UltiPro to submit requests, track their time off, and get supervisor approval. To save you time, time off that's been approved automatically transfers to your timesheet; when entering hours, UltiPro will already code your hours correctly without you needing to separately enter vacation/leave hours.

Why are we moving to bi-weekly payroll?

Citizen Schools has traditionally had semi-monthly payroll, but will be moving to bi-weekly starting on July 1st, 2014. Bi-weekly payroll allows the HR team to drastically reduce the time spent running & managing payroll, as well as align ourselves with industry standards. A less complicated payroll process will enable our HR staff to focus on more pressing initiatives to improve our organization.

Will I lose money because of bi-weekly payroll?

No. Staff will all still be paid the exact same total amount as before. What is changing, however, are the precise dollar amounts in each paycheck. Under a semi-monthly system, we were paid every 15th and 30th/31st, for a total of 24 paychecks. With bi-weekly, we will be paid every other week for a total of 26 paychecks. Thus, each paycheck itself is slightly smaller but only because we're paid more paychecks.

What resources are available for the transition to bi-weekly payroll?

We understand that many staff may be accustomed to budgeting their finances knowing that payday is always the 15th and the 30th/31st. In light of this, we are offering some banking incentives to ease the transition, as well as financial tips to help you be more comfortable. You can read more about both in this HR memo from Jill Smerkers, Director of HR.

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?

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